I’m Back!! (Says the Procrastinator)

So I’ve made a new rule for myself: write when I want to and to not worry so much about giving myself weekly deadlines. Write inspired. That’s probably it.

Something really inspired me today:


Have you seen this movie?

While watching this, I felt a foreboding uneasiness – I was all “shit, I already know I love this movie, like really love this movie. how am I ever going to fully and beautifully articulate why I love this movie so much?” Just watched it a few hours ago so a lot of it is still somewhat – wanted to put down some initial thoughts (please be warned, spoilers ahead!):

  • tagline doesn’t lie: this movie is a love story alright. it’s about love and all kinds of it: unselfish love. selfish love. friend love. romantic love. transcendent love. virtual (?) love. self-love. human-human love. human-artificial intelligence love. love in its many phases and dichotomies – burning/fading, clinging/recoiling. the main character, theo, is very lovable and you can FEEL how much he wants to love but is scared to. you see him love through three relationships: catherine, amy and sam… and they were all lovely – full of vulnerability and strength displayed by all of the characters.
  • just for the record, i’m in the camp that is totally down with the human-os love. its very hard to argue that the feelings, conversations, evolution that came out of sam and theo’s relationship weren’t “real” or at the least, meaningful. what i love about this movie is how convincingly it breaks open the idea of the infinite ways love can be defined/validated/experienced. it was sad to see both theo and sam each fall out of phase/retreat from the relationship just like it was nice to see them each be all wistful and excited about life and each other as they fell in love.
  • love and permanence, love and expansiveness
  • “you’re mine and you’re not mine”