Hello! Thanks for dropping by! This blog was borne of a nagging desire to write something everyday because it scares me tremendously. I have a poor habit of putting my foot in my mouth so if I happen to do the writing equivalent of it here, please do forgive me, I am trying my best to correct that through this exercise. That said, I will equally try my best to be as honest and uninhibited as my inhibitions will allow so that I can quickly achieve the powerful insights and epiphanies most achieve through writing. This is what TV has taught me, among many other things in my life.

A little bit about me: I am a 20-something year old that believes adulthood can be evaded if you think it can be or don’t think about it at all. As already mentioned, a lot of my learning has been done vicariously through TV and its characters. I wish I could confidently say that I am a good observer of situations and people but then I think I give overhead projectors a good run for their money. I make bad jokes and am terribly bad at refraining myself from writing telling them. I apparently believe that if I start a public blog, I’ll feel more obligated to keep writing in it.

Please feel free to ask me (almost) anything!

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